Low Magic Age Tip #1

Ok, So you’ve put a few hours into Low Magic Age and are feeling at home with the game mechanics and Arena mode. You have scored a tonne of loot and decked out your party members with the relevant stat buff magical items. Or have you?

Along with the myriad other mouse over tooltips, have you used on of the most essential and useful?


Click on one of your characters portraits to bring up their status and inventory screen.


Don’t you find it confusing keeping track of what items add a particular stat buff? Mouse over the grey icon directly to the right of the head slot. This shows the equipment modifiers stats. The kicker and real killer for this simple screen are items with grey abilities numbers.


Most stat buff items do not stack!! These items are taking up slots and adding nothing to your characters abilities.


Remove them and free up the slot for something else. Perhaps one of your other characters might find them of use.

This Tooltip is a positive boon for properly tailoring your characters buffs. It’s now so easy to give the appropriate item to the right class. Make sure your fighter gets all the strength buffs you have. Give your Mage the mental edge, equipment him/her with high intelligence items.


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