Low Magic Age Early Access Preview

Low Magic Age came to my attention via the new recommendation algorithm that Steam has implemented. It was immediately added to my wishlist. My interest was peaked by the beautiful clean UI, Which is uncommon for this level of game. It shows that the developer is no Unity asset muppet and knows a thing or two for simple yet classic user interfaces. For a sole developer to create such a beast as a TRPG takes some doing. I applaud anybody who’s willing to take on this herculean task.

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Subnautica Early Access Preview

I’ve always had a fascination with the ocean. As a child on holiday, I would spend all my free time beach combing , looking for fossils and generally milling about the water’s edge of the freezing and foreboding Irish sea. This was compounded by the exotic adventures of Jacque Cousteau on TV. His escapades on the high seas and exploration of the dark deep used to bedazzle and inspire me. This sense of wonder has never left me.
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Depth of Extinction Demo Impresions

Demo date October 2016. Build 15.6

Depth of Extinction is a retro pixel art RPG with a modern turn-based, tactical combat system. Recruit and lead your team on raids in undersea habitats containing all that remains of humanity. A modern spin on the classic gameplay made popular by the likes of X-Com and Rebelstar Raiders. A roguelike permadeath “feature” seems to market this game strictly for the hardcore audience.

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